Past Projects

AB_rockyview_water-eauBragg Creek Excavating is committed to providing earth services of any sizes ranging from small jobs to large projects.

Rocky View County – Bragg Creek Water Treatment Plant- River Intake – contract value of approximately $375,000.00The project involved the installation of a stainless steel water intake structure and the installation of large diameter HDPE pipe under and across the Elbow River at a depth of approximately eight feet below river bottom. In order to install the piping, the river had to be coffer dammed and dewatered.

Challenges: The challenges on this project involved butt fusion welding large diameter HDPE pipe on land and transporting it into and across the Elbow River without damage.

Alberta Tourism Parks & Recreation – Elbow Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades – Contract value of over $1 million – The contract was to install approximately five lineal km of 2 and 3-inch diameter HDPE pipe to be used as a sewage effluent force main. This project was installed utilizing two crews working concurrently with three hydraulic excavators on each crew supported by wheel loaders for bedding gravel. Each crew utilized a lead excavator trenching followed by one excavator backfilling and one excavator compacting with a hydraulic plate tamper. Much of the project was carried out in trying winter conditions. The force main has now been in service for years with no problems. BCE employees performed all of the HDPE butt fusion welding on the project.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement: During this project, BCE were careful not to disturb Camp Horizon and its operations. We also worked extensively in the Elbow Valley Campground and McLean Creek during the project and had to work in close proximity to their facilities. We developed excellent relationships with these stakeholders.

Challenges: A serious challenge on this project was working on the edge of a major highway for a large part of the project and working in close proximity to the utilities such as a fibre optic line.

It’s a dirty job—let us do it.

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Alberta Government Certificate of Recognition for Safety since 2006


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